Yuji Kitamura

Yuji Kitamura joined kitamuraLaw in 2022 after completing the Tokyo Univeristy Law School’s LLB program. Prior to legal practice he was a researcher in physics and technology (Ph.D in phyiscs from Tokyo Institute of Technology 2015). He had graduated from Keio Univerisity in 2009 with BS in information technology. His focus will be technology, science, and their social applications.

北村有司 アソシエイト 2009年慶応義塾大学理工学部卒(情報工学)、理学博士(東京工業大学)、東京大学法科大学院修了、弁護士登録(74期)。分野:テクノロジー、科学及びその社会的応用