Miguel Masaru Kitamura

Miguel Kitamura is the founder of KitamuraLaw. A graduate of Tokyo University, he worked in the Japanese government for 13 years and began his career in private practice in 1992. He holds master’s degrees from Harvard Law School and the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Miguel Kitamura represents a wide range of internationally-known clients in telecommunications and broadcasting, technology, and life sciences in Tokyo, for their regulatory/commercial issues and acquisition/merger transactions of these firms.He represented the Japanese government institutions in cases before the World Trade Organization. He also wrote several articles on the issues of technology, life sciences , and international trade ans service issues. Languages: English, français

北村 大 東京大学法学部卒業。ハーバード・ロースクール(LL.M.)、同ケネディ・スクール (MPA)各修了。外務省入省、在米大使館、条約局等。国際電気通信連合(ITU)憲章作成委員。1992年 弁護士登録(第一東京弁護士会) 。ライフサイエンス、通信・メディア、安全保障、などの規制とマネジメント。