New Haneda Approach

Flight routes to and from Haneda have changed to accommodate greater traffic expected then and planes fly over residential area at a relatively low altitude. One would wonder however how flight safety would be ensured or if any additional safety measures would be taken. Surprisingly, the transportation authority’s website contains scarcely any information regarding enhanced safety other than falling objects from planes. Certainly, the safety record of Japanese commercial aviation shows zero mortality for the past 8 years.

But, would it offer any reassurance?  After all, Fukushima No. 1 was operated without a noticeable incident for 40 years until 2011.  What about insurance?  Commercial operators do have insurance policy for their fleet covering third party damages. However, their policy does not necessarily cover accidents from normal wear and tear.  For the new flight routes to operate efficiently, the airport authority appears to rely on an efficient tort law mechanism which will allow residents to recover all damages, including loss in property value, if any.