Metaverse: No Satisfaction?

From YouTubbe

There have been many critical commets, as well as expressions of excitement, over the Metaverse, a VR platform run by avatars. It may make a lot of business sense when the platform operates as a virtual marketplace for goods, services and more. While there is much room for improvement in VR, technonlogy is there.

One wonders, however, if it really a fun to spend much time “there” with your “friends” or “colleagues” to enjoy, for example, music concerts, or sail the ocaen? If it isn’t, where would revenues come from? Indeed, Zuckerberg’s world is way too sanitized; there is no envy, pain, greed, animosity, cofilct and all other vices which form us and from which we gain satisfaction. As users grow, they will introduce theft, fraud and other crimes onto the platform, and may eventually launch a war between multiple VR worlds.