What Goes Up

News of a traffic accident and possible prosecution of a young very popular actor is buzzing throughout Japanese TV talk shows and SNS. He allegedly hit a motorcyclist and his co rider while driving his car but failed to assist them and left the spot, and was subsequently arrested.

Source: DramaWiki

He has been appearing on a variety of sales PR spots, the media is wondering if the sponsors would sue him for the damages once they decide to pull down spots from the air. Indeed, his contracts presumably contain obligations to maintain good conduct during the term.

What about upside, then? Shouldn’t he entitled to a bonus if he completes the term without accident or receives a wider recognition such as film prizes and favorable coverage, which will enhance the appeal of the campaign?

It would be better for both parties to incorporate a bonus for good behavior and better performance by creating an incentive for the celebrity, and reducing the initial risks for the sponsors.